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These Facebook & Instagram Changes Mean Business!

AUGUST 2019 - Every month, Facebook and Instagram roll out updates, features, and new information that directly affects performance for millions of brands online - including yours. We've carefully selected a few impactful updates to share to keep you in the loop.

Facebook Updates

Facebook is adjusting the aspect ratio for ads in its mobile News​ ​Feed. Facebook’s new ad layout would show only three lines of text (formerly seven) on mobile devices. Users ​will have to click on a prompt to read more. This move means that the ad copy needs to deliver reliable messages with fewer words or be captivating just to get viewers to “see more”. The success​ ​boat is about to be directed away from tacky advertisers to ​brands like us who​ ​know how best to engage a user.Facebook is preparing to award the most active and interacting fans​ ​with a “top fan” badge. This feature gives users a sense of accomplishment as they now know that their conversations​ and efforts​ are being seen. At the​ ​same time, offering page admins another ​engagement marketing tool.​ ​​This feature is especially ​valuable as the price of Facebook ads​ ​and the number of promoters’ ​increase by the day.

Instagram Updates

Instagram is preparing ​to​ change ​the ​​metric feature in an effort to decrease the​ ​extreme tension following “likes” and the "​like” is ​going to be substituted with “others”. Although​ ​there has been an outrage against this move especially in test-countries such as​ ​Australia and Japan, the reaction has been mostly good.Although​ ​page admins would still be able to see the number of likes on a post, it​ ​doesn’t change the fact that this move would tweak the model of content creation. It’s not clear yet how this change will influence the rate of​ ​engagement on our accounts, but ​we will keep you posted as we get more information.Instagram is preparing to roll out an on-site​ ​scheduling option​ - FINALLY! ​

This would give admins the opportunity to schedule posts for the​ ​main feed and Insta-story without the use of third-party apps. And unlike most third-party​ ​tools, you’ll be able to schedule a post of multiple images, plus you can see​ ​for sure how your post would look like beforehand.​ ​It remains a question though if​ ​posts through this feature would have as much engagement as non-scheduled​ ​posts. Since the update will be rolling out soon, I guess we’ll find out.​ ​

Although it’s difficult to see how these progressions will affect​ ​us, we are anxious and can’t wait to assess what’s best in the news feed!


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