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The Truth About LinkedIn in 2019: It’s a B2B Gold Mine…

LinkedIn Pages were redesigned and relaunched in 2018​ ​making them one of the​​​​​ strongest pillars of the social platforms​. ​ Now, Pages—which are intended for businesses, rather than for individual users—have been updated again with some unique features that are making them even more useful at driving both leads and awareness, especially for those in the B2B community. ​Additionally, LinkedIn recently announced that it would change its algorithm, again​, which it found was rewarding the top 1% of “power users,” while the bottom 99% were receiving less engagement than before.

Here are the announced changes and what they mean for ​the B2B ​community.

1. Customized ​CTAs

A sharp call-to-action, or CTA, can be the difference between earning a consistent, steady stream of leads and a slow trickle. And since LinkedIn is the source of 80% of all B2B leads generated by social media, you want to ensure you’re optimizing your Page to capture as many of those leads as possible. LinkedIn’s Pages now allow​s​ a total of five call-to-action buttons​ which include:​

  • Contact us

  • Learn more

  • Sign up

  • Register

  • Visit website

By ​selecting the right one for your page, you’re more likely to catch the ​users who are ​truly interested in what you have to offer. Here’s an example from Hays, a recruiting firm that won LinkedIn’s “Best of Company Pages 2018.”

2. Community hashtags

​Page admins can now​ combine their pages to appropriate hashtags, allowing posts and content to ​be visible by ​more readers who will find it appropriate to their interests. ​This is important because ​it allows the company itself to engage in trending discussions, rather than relying on employees or brand ambassadors to connect the company to a related topic.

3. Mobile editing

​Editing pages on the fly via their mobile devices​ is now a thing! This is important because it allows​​ for more up-to-the-minute reactions, updates, and shares​ making it easier to keep page​s​ updated and post regularly, creating more action from your followers.

Wrapping up...

LinkedIn users are no different from the rest of us: they crave authenticity and transparency and are skeptical of content that appears to be paid for or not ​organic in any way.​ ​LinkedIn users want to see ​relevant​ and trustworthy​ content that is highly personalized to them.​ B2B organizations can’t afford to ignore ​this because ​LinkedIn ​plays such an important role in ​modern marketing, ​lead generation and sales​. ​By making the most of the recent Page updates and changes, businesses can heighten​​ appearance​s​ on the platform, all while ​displaying authenticity and connecting with more followers than before.


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