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Small Business Resources Amid COVID:19

COVID: 19 has hit us like a tidal wave and it hurts. The profound damage to small businesses is heart-breaking and our team is committed to supporting small businesses in any way possible.

We've made it a daily responsibility to keep ourselves informed with resources, funds and tools as they become available. As you pivot your business quickly, we want to share these tools with you so you can utilize them in a timely matter.

Here are some resources available as of March 21st, 2020.

Restaurants: OneDine is offering to turn any restaurant with a parking lot into a Sonic-like takeout within 24 hours using their technology—for free. Meaning restaurants can let people order, pay, and pick up without leaving their cars. If you run one or know one, please contact OneDine Facebook: Facebook just created a $100 million small business grant. Eligibility requirements will soon follow. You can keep tabs on it here: Kabbage: For those of you who want to get set up to sell gift certificates to your customers (or support small businesses that need cash flow), Kabbage has launched a community initiative (no profit goes to the company). They can be any amount from $15 to $500 here: Tax Deadline Extension: IRS Extends Tax Payment Deadline for Individuals and Businesses Keap: A $100,000 fund to help small business owners manage the ups and downs, but we also want to give them tools for long-term success from Keap is now open! To learn more or to apply, click here

We will keep this post updated as new resources become available.

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