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COVID-19: Help is here, Tampa!

I know this sucks.

You don’t want to hear another message about COVID-19 but bear with me. It might be worth the read, plus I’m including some amazing resources to share or utilize.

I grew up as the youngest daughter of a female entrepreneur in business for more than 35 years. In 2007, I saw the devastating results of the recession as the business disintegrated in front of my eyes. I know what it is like to go from everything to nothing in an instant. I’m sure this is what you are experiencing right now and you feel alone.

Everything is very uncertain and we are not sure what the next several months hold for us but I promise you are not alone. We do have an option every day to help and support each other anyway and any chance we can, so let me do just that. I don’t have much to give right now, but as someone whose entire career has been devoted to helping small businesses thrive and seeing visions turned into reality, I figured a little bit could potentially go a long way.

No strings attached.

Our team at McNamara Marketing is made up of modern-day marketers (nationwide) that work 100% remotely. We are giving away 50 complimentary email campaigns, 50 social media posts, 50 graphics, and 50 press releases at no charge to you.


Because COVID-19 updates are being made hourly and this isn’t the time for your business to hibernate.

I encourage you not to be the panic group and instead, do what you can to be the “our moment” group.

Be brave.


Get creative.

Keep going.

Because make no mistake: When the dust settles, and it will, there will be market winners and losers.

So I encourage you to reach out, ask for a favor, and take the help.

  • Our team of modern marketers will be working around the clock (24/7) to help you.

  • Our gift comes on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • You must be a Tampa, FL, based company (B2B or B2C).

  • Provide your name, company URL, phone number, and service request.

  • You can submit your inquiries to us via email at

  • Please use the SUBJECT: #SmallBusinessStrong Inquiry.

  • Our goal is to provide a 24- to 48-hour turnover.

  • If this is an urgent matter that requires an expedited response, please write URGENT in the subject line.

Our team is standing by to provide support and we will continue to provide additional resources and information (from the comfort of our homes with Wi-Fi) where we can.

Additional Resources:

Restaurants: OneDine is offering to turn any restaurant with a parking lot into a “Sonic” like takeout within 24 hours using their technology—for free. Meaning restaurants can let people order, pay, and pick up without leaving their cars. If you run one or know one, please contact OneDine.

Facebook: Facebook just created a $100 million small business grant. Eligibility requirements will soon follow. You can keep tabs on it here:

Kabbage: For those of you who want to get set up to sell gift certificates to your customers (or support small businesses that need cash flow), Kabbage has launched this community initiative (no profit to the company). They can be any amount from $15 to $500 here:

Lastly, we came up with some additional marketing tips to help you stay connected to your customers. I will share those on the next blog post.


Remember, your customers love you, and if they are healthy and capable, they WILL continue to support you. So with that, as Denzel Washington said, “Keep moving, keep striving, never give up.”

Now, let’s get to work. #sleevesrolledup

With love,

Ania McNamara

Sr. Lead Marketer

C: 651-983-1390 ( you can text me too! )

P.S. Shout-out to BlindTigerCafe for the around-the-clock caffeine kick. If you are healthy and capable, run in and support them, they are O-P-E-N and make a mean Americano!

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