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Beat the Heat with Refreshing Summer Marketing Tips

Author: Ania McNamara

This summer will be hot, hot, hot. As that long-awaited summer vacation inches closer, many businesses set their marketing efforts on autopilot. However, those that push through that summer haze and keep their marketing tactics on point set themselves up for a successful and strategic Q3 and Q4. To help do just that, we’ve put together 4 refreshing summer marketing tips that any small business can start today in order to make a splash tomorrow!

Summer Tip # 1 - SUMMER SALE

Summer is the perfect time to clear inventory, gather new leads, gain new clients, and attract new customers. Offering a summer sale and creating unique promotions can help any business increase sales. Next, you'll want to distribute your promotions. We recommend sharing them on your social pages because social media is one of the best ways to distribute information. You can offer different promotions on multiple channels because it helps reach different audiences that have different needs, desires, and demographics. Additionally, promotions should be shared through an email marketing campaign and even a company blog.

Here are some other very popular incentives to try this summer:

  1. Summer Sales on Services or Products

  2. Freebies or Giveaways

  3. Buy One, Get One

  4. Tips or Checklists

  5. Referral Incentives

  6. Coupons

Summer Tip # 2 - STEP UP Search Engine Optimization

If you aren’t doing anything for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), start now! SEO is a long-term strategy, and the best way to start is by optimizing your website. There are various site elements that search engines look at to know what a site is about and relevant for. Update the following site elements with the most relevant keywords for your business to get more SEO traction:

  1. Titles

  2. Meta descriptions

  3. Page copy

  4. URLs

If you run on WordPress, Yoast SEO makes finding these site elements a breeze. Just install and view the SEO data at the bottom of the page when you go to edit. You can also help reduce site speed by compressing files with some very handy WordPress plugins.

Summer Tip # 3 - CURATE Crafty Content

Immediately, prepare and plan a summer content strategy. By planning in advance ( writing, formatting, and scheduling summer post) businesses are able to 'set it and forget it'. Your company will have a constant cadence of content to share on your blog and social media channels keeping your brand in front of current and potential customers. Additionally, you don’t have to spend the whole summer writing and producing quality, value-adding content. Win-win!

Tip: Make sure your content always has accompanying visuals. Beautiful graphics can help make a powerful impression, attract new eyes, and increase your brand equity. There are some great low-budget tools like that can help make inexpensive blog post graphics and social media graphics.

Summer Tip # 4 - COLLABORATE Locally

Collaborations with local businesses can be highly effective. By contributing to the local community, businesses can gain brand visibility and new customers. Depending on the products and services offered, businesses can even implement a promotion exchange or referral program with another local business. History has shown that customers are more loyal to companies that provide value to their customers and communities. Prove it by partnering up and getting out there in your community.

Summer doesn’t have to be a a slow time for your business. Instead, be proactive in creating a summer marketing strategy that makes sense and generate sales, sales, sales!


McNamara Marketing offers a variety of digital-marketing services. If you need help getting your summer marketing strategy together, contact us for a free consultation.

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