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When your email looks good, your company looks good!

Creating a professional email campaign requires an immense amount of work and consideration. With this in mind, a successful email blast can be an essential part of your business funnel, from bringing in new clients or sending valuable content to an existing list of customers.  


While content—such as copy and images—certainly plays a crucial role, there is also much more going on in the background of a successful campaign. We will craft a strategy and identify aspects of an effective email tailored specifically for your target demographic. By utilizing user-centric content, a coherent layout, and a pleasing aesthetic, we will create an email that leaves your audience inspired.  


By utilizing the unique features of email service providers, and a system to manage your subscriber database, we keep your correspondence organized and incorporate fundamental facets of email marketing to keep your campaign running smoothly and effectively.  


Through a continued knowledge of modern email-marketing techniques, we will analyze the effectiveness of your emails by looking at open rates, CTR (click-through rates), unsubscribes, and bounces. Using this data we can then tweak your email for maximum performance.


Services Include:

  • Key email-marketing concepts

  • Campaign process

  • Online and offline data capture

  • Segmentation

  • A/B split testing

  • Email design

  • Geo-targeting

  • User behavior and characteristics

  • Email copy, structure, and delivery systems

  • Filtering

  • Scheduling

  • Measurements

  • Key terms and metrics

  • Laws and guidelines

  • Email retargeting 

For more information, please book a free consultation. We would love to answer your questions and see how we can work for you!

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