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What Clients Have to Say...

"McNamara Marketing serves as the marketing resource for my company, NB Products, Inc. Ania and her team support all my marketing efforts including email marketing, trade show management, graphic design, paid ads, social media, website optimization, etc. We have been working together for close to four years now. I enjoy working together with Ania and the ROI we continue to see. Ania is pro-active in her work, forward-thinking and a problem solver.


Three of the biggest wins with Ania in the last year was...


1. First of all, she and her team get it! Ania has a way to understand your company’s needs in every aspect. From operations to product and/or services.


2. Since I’ve been working with Ania, across the board we have seen approximately a 25-30% increase in our sales revenue since 2016. This year looks like we may even exceed 30%. and


3. Ania McNamara is just good people. Honest, reliable and trustworthy. I highly recommend Ania McNamara and her Marketing team to anyone looking for a marketing company that can help there business grow. I am so fortunate and extremely grateful and to have McNamara Marketing on my team!"


Michelyn Caldwell | President

NB Products, Inc.


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